JEANS: Our Comfy Blue Friends

“Behin Tadbir Iranian” as a subsidiary of Tavatav Trading Group, one of the largest manufacturers of jeans in Iran, supplies a large volume of market needs with quality products.

With the background of years of international trade and the good knowledge of Tavatav Group in the field of cotton and textile products, our produced jeans are competitive with foreign products in terms of quality and price, and this has caused many clothing brands to trust us and supply their jeans from us.

Due to the high capacity of the production volume, “Tavatav Group” company has the possibility of supplying denim products required by major suppliers in foreign countries with their own name and brand, and also due to the experience of doing business with foreign countries, it is ready to cooperate with interested companies.

Polyester Fibers

HCS-HC-Solid/ Recycle, Virgin and Semi virgin / white, self-colored and colorfull / various cuts and deniers, are the main products we deal with.

Russia Federation is our major export destination. 

Raw Fabric

– 100% Cotton (In different widths up to 300 cm)

– Polyester-Cotton (In different widths up to 300 cm)

– Polyester-Viscose (In different widths up to 300 cm)

– 100% Viscose (In different widths)

Various industrial work-wear

Best quality work-wears for different industries

Various kinds of towels

High-quality cotton towels in different sizes.